Research shows that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends. Customers look for honest reviews every time they make a purchase, which is exactly why major marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart have stringent reviewing rules.

Why are reviews important to an ecommerce website? 

The genuine reviews posted by your existing customers will pave a path for your future customers, especially if they're verified reviews posted by customers who have an account with the store and have purchased the same product from your store.

Customers usually feel the need to post a product review either when they are satisfied above and beyond their expectations or when they are triggered by a bad experience like horrible customer support or an exceptionally sub-par product. Unfortunately, moderately happy customers will usually never let you (or others) know that they are happy.

Tips to get customers to share their feedback or reviews 

Let's look at a few ways to create a situation that might lead to a customer leaving a (hopefully positive) review.

1. Offer incentives or coupons

Incentives are a great way to drive customers to write product reviews. When delivering the product, attach a coupon code with your invoice. Let your customers know that these coupon codes are applicable for their next purchase at your store if they complete a product review of their current purchase.

You can also offer them cashback for their current purchase by completing a review for it.

Example: MarkaStore gives their customers a $5 coupon for every verified review that they post from their accounts. The more reviews, the greater the rewards.

2. Feature customers on social media

One way to get free publicity is if you can convince your customers to post about your products from their social media handles. This will also expand your reach. In return for their social media posts, you can always give them a shout-out on your stories and also a freebie on their next purchase at your website.

Example: Adobe features their users for their designs on their Instagram handle. Every Wednesday they celebrate women who have achieved great things with their lives.

3. Put together PR marketing packages

Send your regular and loyal customers PR packages that contain sample-sized products that they can try and then review those for you. Rather than target the influencers based solely on their follower count, it's smart to look for influencers from your niche to promote your products, even if they have less followers. Most nano and micro-influencers accept barter collaboration where products are exchanged for reviews. These influencers are obliged to post reviews, but it's their honest opinion that matters.

Examples: Influencer agencies like OPA collaborate with influencers of various sizes. Nano and micro-influencers are offered barter collaborations while the mega influencers with millions of followers are paid big money for their posts.

4. Ask to get reviews

You always have to ask for reviews. This is simply the best way to get them. Remember that the happiest customers are always busy, so following up is the only key that works.

When asking for reviews, remember that the timing needs to be perfect. It shouldn't be too early that people haven't made their minds up about the product nor should it be too late that people have forgotten about the product itself. The time depends on the type of product that your customers purchase from you. Digital goods can be given a review almost instantly, whereas products like cosmetics take about a month or more before customers can see a difference from using the products. Clothes and footwear can be reviewed within a week after they were delivered. A timely reminder email from your store asking for genuine feedback about the product coupled with a coupon code usually will get you a review. This way, you are bound to get some valuable feedback along with verified reviews for your products.

Example: Amazon sends their customers regular emails throughout the journey of their purchase. Also, once a product has been delivered, they drop in an email asking for the customer's valuable feedback.

Reminders like this are one area an ecommerce software solution like Zoho Commerce can help out in a big way. It has the option to set reminders to send out an email notification to your customers once products have been delivered to them. Once this feature has been set up, your customers will receive an email that looks like the one below:

To learn more about how this feature works, read this.

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