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Your ecommerce website in

5 Steps

  • Design effortlessly

    Drag and drop your ecommerce website to life.
    If you have coding experience, you'll never need it.

  • Add products

    Add or import your products, including descriptions, specifications, and images.

  • Showcase them with care

    Organize your products into categories and collections. When you make it easy for customers to find them, you make it easier to sell them.

  • Instantly live

    Go online with one click and see updates reflected on your mobile-optimized website, instantly.

  • Payments, taxes, and shipping

    Include multiple payments gateways, and location-specific tax rates and shipping options to your store.

Your ecommerce website in 5 Steps
Your online store is live Now what? Your online store is live.Now what?

Your online store is live.

Now what?

  • Orders first

    From when they're made to when they're delivered, you can track and fulfill multiple orders from a single screen.

  • Inventory stock management

    Organize and keep tabs on your stock levels for a seamless buying experience. Low-stock alerts ensure you'll never have to cancel a purchase.

  • Real-time analytics

    Zoho Commerce's dashboard gives you a bird's-eye view, with real-time reports to show the finer details.

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