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Bring your team to Cliq: the business chat app with built-in productivity tools and a robust platform, for one-fourth the price of Slack!

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Your business can save $900/year with Cliq

Cliq $1/year
Slack $1/year
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A workplace chat app should be smart and efficient, secure, and affordable!

  • Features
  • Screen share$6.67
  • SAML-based single sign-on $12.50
  • OAuth with Google $6.67
  • File storage 100GB per user at $3 20GB per user at $12.50
  • Active Directory Sync $12.50
  • Multi-team channels $3 $12.50
  • Custom user groups $3 $6.67
  • User provisioning and de-provisioning $12.50

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- Free

Cliq strives to give the best team chat experience


    Channel levels

    Organization, Team and Multi-team, Personal and External channels to structure and streamline your communications.


    Multiple chats on screen

    Keep an eye on all your most important chats, share files, and make video calls—all in parallel with Cliq's multiple chats view.


    Smart suggestions

    When your discussions grow into bigger decisions and to-dos, convert them into helpful Reminders or Events right in chat window.


    Secret Chat

    For talks that need absolute privacy, leave no trace of your conversation by turning off chat history when needed.


    Contextual & Natively Integrated

    Whether you're checking your email or writing up a document, access your conversations without leaving your tab. Cliq is natively integrated with all Zoho apps!

Let your apps work together

Choose from our 50+ integrations and connect your team's apps with Cliq, ensuring a steady stream of updates and app activities right within Cliq.

  • Dropbox
  • Trello
  • Crashlytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Desk
  • Zoho People
  • Zendesk

Build your own army

Cliq offers a robust platform to build your own workflows—creating endless possibilities for connecting with all your apps



    From fetching daily news from your favorite source to raising a travel request, you can create bots to do it all.



    Be it weekly campaign results or daily website traffic, build schedulers and get them delivered in your chats.


    Message Actions

    Establish message actions to convert your conversations into useful actions like logging them in your Sprints module.


    Actionable Cards

    Bring buttons in your bots, schedulers, forms, ... to life by giving them a function to perform.



    When you build your own components, storage is a breeze with Databases in Cliq.

Cliq's got it all!

From Startups and Remote teams to Enterprises

Audio & video collaboration

  • PrimeTime—live streaming broadcast
  • 1-1 Audio & video calls, screen sharing
  • Group video conference

Data privacy

  • GDPR compliant
  • Consents for each workflow
  • Secret Chat

Organization Directory

  • User Profile with custom fields
  • Departments & Designations
  • Teams

Security Management

  • User role based security
  • TFA & Password Policies
  • Restricted Access
  • SSL for custom domain

Make Cliq your Own!

  • Custom Domain
  • Custom email address
  • Logo
  • Favicon and Themes

Want to know more? Get a comprehensive list of all our features here.

Hear what former Slack users tell about Cliq

"I've ensured that we use Cliq for all official internal communications. Wherever possible, we've switched from internal emails with endless reply threads to Cliq, for instant collaboration and delivery."

Team Everest

"We use Cliq on an everyday basis in our center. We have numerous channels with a lot of discussions going on. The biggest benefit of Cliq for us is the message"


"We started using Cliq at a team size of 20. We’ve grown from 20 to 120 active users on our Cliq community and steadily growing. It’s been a seamless journey to use Cliq in different aspects of our organisation."


You are in good company migrate your Slack data to Cliq seamlessly


Export your Slack data


Open the migration tool in Cliq


Import your file and pick your channels

And it's done. You can resume the conversations right where you left them off!

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