Work the agile way with Scrum Bot

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Be it a small project or a big one, turn it into a success story with Scrum Bot in Cliq.

Software Development

Break down your end goal into work items and pace productivity evenly.
Standup meetings to help inspect and adapt.
Work items' status updates to measure team progress.

Organizing a Meetup

Know your team’s blockers and keep them on track
Flexibility to improve your Sprint as work progresses
Encourage transparency and get work done with standup responses posted in the channel.

Product launch

Create your project’s journal and run sprints in parallel for the big release.
Leave comments as a work item progresses.
Reflect as a team to hone finer work routines.

Agile Project management streamlined with Scrum Bot.


Map out your project into time bound sprints.


Take part in daily scrum meetings—share your contribution.


Track sprint backlogs at each level and move work forward.


Engage as a team and collaborate in the sprint channel.


  • Automate
  • Track
  • Improvise
  • Accomplish

Get Scrum BotGet Scrum Bot