What are Security Policies?

What are Security Policies and how to configure it?

Security Policy

Tighten the access control for your Organization by enforcing a security policy for employees in your Org. These policies are easily customizable and can be applied to the employees you choose. The policy includes the strength of passwords, IP Address restrictions and Two Factor Authentication


1. A security policy for Marketing and Sales teams consisting of Good Password Policy
2. A security policy for Finance teams consisting of Two Factor Authentication and access to Cliq from specific IP Address. 

Features in Security Policy

The security policies have 3 features that you can configure as per your need. They are Password Policy, Two Factor Authentication and Allowed IPs. In each security policy, enable the features you want and configure them for your organization. More details on these 3 features are available in the next few pages. 

Configuring Security Policy

  • Click on your Profile Picture in Cliq and select Admin Panel.
  • In the screen that follows, under Organization menu in left sidebar select Zoho Directory. 
  • You will be redirected to Zoho's Directory page. 
  • Here, under Security Policies click on the blue Security icon. 
  • The Add Security Policy window will pop up. 
  • In the Enforce to Groups text box enter the Team to which you want to add this security policy.
  • If you do not need certain employees in the group to be included in the policy, you can enter their names in the “Exclude Users” text box.
  • In case you already have other policies set up for different groups, you need to set the priority of your new policy.





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