Your Admin Panel

Your Admin Panel

Your organization has a unique set of needs and the Admin Panel is the one-stop place to structure and make Cliq your own to reflect your company's ideals. Access your admin panel by clicking on your profile picture -> Admin Panel. The admin panel's index page will open on screen listing out all the menus. Clicking on a menu will expand it further. 

At first glance, the menus might be a bit overwhelming and you'd be wondering where to start with. We've put together a little manual to help you get started with setting up your Cliq. 

  1. An address book should always be up to date and so the first step is to fill in your company's details under Organization -> Company Info. 
  2. After filling in the company's info, it's time to bring in all your employees into Cliq. Under General -> Users, click on Add Users button. You can also import users through a CSV file. 
    The users whom you've added or imported will be sent out invitation emails to join in your Cliq organization. pssst... the invite emails are valid for 30 days. 
  3. A user's profile offers a fuller picture to make things easier for your employees to find the right persons. So after your employees accept your invite, start with filling up their profiles. Now you might need help to do this if you've got many users. So assign other org admins who will be able to access this admin panel along with you. Under Permissions -> Roles, hover on Admins and click on Users. Here you can add new admins for your organization. 
  4. Back to users profiles! A user's profile is made up of default fields and custom user fields and is visible in Cliq with all the filled in details. 

    Default fields - These fields are phone numbers, email ids, extension number, designation, department, and more... Under Users menu, click on a user and edit their profile to add new information on them. For fields like Designations and Departments, you will have to create it first under the menus Designations and Departments respectively.
    Hint: The departments are a huge help when searching for a Scott in finance or an Emma in marketing! 

    Custom user fields - You can add up to 25 user fields to represent more info like branch office, date of joining, etc... You can find custom user fields under Customization -> User Fields. 
  5. After filling in user profiles you should create teams. A user can belong to one department but can work on multiple projects in parallel and here teams play their part!
    Team Channels for collaboration are based on the teams you create under General -> Teams. 
    Olivia of the marketing department, works with Europe and South Asian marketing team helping the marketers with her expertise in microcopy. Thus Olivia can be part of the team channels of both Europe and South Asian teams. 
  6. If you need roles among your users to delegate feature permissions, you can do so under Permissions -> Roles. 
    You can create a role as liaison managers and give them permission to create external channels and disable the same for other roles! 
  7. Once you've set up your users' profiles, you can then move onto other aspects of your Cliq organization—organization policies, module controls, themes and assets configuration, custom domain, etc...



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