How to edit user profiles?

How to edit user profiles?

To view and edit your users' profiles in Cliq, follow the below steps: 

  • Click on your Profile Picture in Cliq and select Admin Panel.
  • In the admin panel, under General click on Users
  • Here, all active users in your organization will be listed. Clicking on a user will display their profile details on the right side. 
    You can also search for a user and look them up. 
  • Now to edit the profile, click on  
  • You can edit the basic, work, and other info. If work info does not come up when editing, then read the note below to know why! 

Note to existing Cliq users:

  1. The profile details will display all info like mobile number, seating location, department, designation, etc... 
  2. If you have Zoho People enabled for your organization then sync would have happened automatically, and the fields under Work Info will be fetched from Zoho People. Therefore, you will not be able to edit Work Info in Cliq Admin Panel. All changes must be updated in Zoho People and it will be reflected in Cliq automatically. 
  3. If you do not have Zoho People for your organization, then all fields under Work Info will be blank in Cliq.
    • Just open a user's profile and update their info like Mobile, Extension, Seating Location, ...
    • For Designations and Departments fields, you can easily fill them up by creating it newly under Designation and Department menus in LHS respectively. 

    All the profile details that are filled here and ones that are updated in Zoho People will be available in Cliq for everyone to view. 

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  • In the admin panel, General Menu in LHS is the alternate offered for Zoho People Integration. So, the details you fill under General will be displayed in Cliq just like Zoho People data. 
    To know more about Zoho People Integration please refer this forum post on the same - Knowing People has its Perks, even on Cliq. 
  • To know more about Departments and Designations, refer here - Departments in Cliq, Designations in Cliq. 


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