How do I view the teams that a user is part of?

A user can be part of any number of teams. Teams are nothing but groups for all purposes inside an organization.

Example: Olivia is a Growth Marketer in Zylker organization and is part of teams Zylker Marketing, Zylker Europe Marketing, Zylcal Product and Marketing Leads. 

In Cliq you can also view the teams a user is part of under Users menu allowing to keep easy track of teams user-wise. To view the teams that a user is part of, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture and select Admin Panel.
  2. Access Users under General menu. This will list all your Active users. 
  3. Click on a user. You can even search for a user and click on them. 
  4. In the details displayed on screen, select Teams tab. 
  5. In here, all the teams that the user is part of will be listed for you. 


Admin Note:

  • You can also assign more teams to the user by clicking on +Assign Team.

  • To unassign, hover over the team and click on button Unassign.