How much control does an administrator have over a user in the organization?

How much control does an administrator have over a user in the organization?

As an admin, you have complete control over the users in the organization. These controls are distributed in Cliq Admin Panel and in Zoho Directory. 

Cliq Admin Panel: 

1. User Profile

  • Click on your Profile Picture and select Admin Panel to open it. 
  • Go to Users tab under General menu. This will list all your users. 
  • Click on a user to view their profile and as the admin you can edit their profile of any user by clicking on Edit button in the header. 

2. User Permissions

  • Go to Roles under Permissions menu. 
  • In here, you can configure Channels and Integration Components access to set of users by creating roles for them. 
  • By default, two roles will be available — Admin (all admins in your organization), Members (all users excluding admins).
  • You can create new roles by clicking on Add Profile button in top bar. 
    Example: A role for Developers with access to Integration Components, a role for Team leads with access for creating channels, etc... 

Zoho Directory

In Admin Panel, under Organization menu, open Zoho Directory and click on the blue button—Go to Zoho Directory. This will take you to your organization's Zoho Directory page. In here, select Users from the side menu to view list of all your Active users. 
Click on any user to view their profile along with few control actions as follows: 

  1. Manage email address: Under the user information you will see a link to Manage Email Address, on clicking here you can add a secondary email address to the user's profile. An email will be sent to the user's primary email address for the verification of the new secondary address that you configured.
    Note: The admin cannot change a user's primary email address.
  2. Reset password: Under the user information you will see a link to Reset password.

    Click on Reset password and enter a new password for the user. We recommend you tick the checkbox to notify the user.
  3. Two factor authentication: Under the user information you will see a link for enforcing Two-factor Authentication, click on it and enable the functionality.
    A confirmation box will thereafter appear on the screen to confirm the action. You need to enter your password for completion of action.



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