How to view Active, Inactive, Paid and Invited users?

How to view Active, Inactive, Paid and Invited users?

Users in admin panel are categorized as following

  • Active users: All the current users in your organization are defined as active users.
  • Inactive users: The users of the organization whom the administrator has blocked from accessing Cliq are the Inactive users.
  • Invited users: The users to whom the administrator has sent out requests to join the organization but the users haven't accepted the request yet.​
  • Paid users: The members of the organization who are covered under the purchased plan of Cliq.

To view the users based on the categorization follow the below steps:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture in Cliq and select Admin Panel. 
  2. In the admin panel, under General click on ​ Users
  3. In the topbar of users, a dropdown will be visible with default selection as Active Users.
  4. Choose any category from the dropdown to view the corresponding list of users. 




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