Who are moderators and how to assign/unassign them?

Who are moderators and how to assign/unassign them?

Moderators are the users who manage the team. 

Example: Emma—Head of Marketing, is moderator for the teams Europe Marketing Div., and Content & Growth Marketing. Emma is the one who manages the overall functions of the team with help from other moderators (say regional marketing head, project marketing head, etc..) who micro-manage the teams. 

To assign moderators: 

  • Click on your Profile Picture and select Admin Panel.
  • Under General menu in left sidebar, click and open Teams. This will display your org's teams as a list. 
  • Click and open the team that's needed. There are 2 ways to assign a moderator now: 
    1. Assign member as moderator: Go to Members tab, hover over the user and select Assign as Moderator from Actions (3 dots). 
    2. Assign a non-member as moderator: In the Moderator tab click on + Assign as Moderator, select the users from the list and hit Add. They will be added to the team as Moderators. 

To unassign moderators: 

  • Hover the moderator and select Assign as Member from the Actions. 
  • This will place the moderator in members list. 
  • If you want to remove the Moderator from the team, then select Remove under Actions. 


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