How do I delete teams?

How do I delete teams?

To delete a team, please follow the steps given below:

  • Click on your Profile Picture and select Admin Panel.
  • Under General menu in left sidebar, click and open Teams. This will list all teams in your organization
  • Select the teams you want to delete by checking the box in left side. 
  • After selecting, hit the Delete button on top to delete those teams. 


Admin Notes:

  • Once deleted, the teams are not recoverable.
  • The team channels associated with the team will be archived. Once archived, the team channels will not be listed on Search and in 'Join Channels' section. 
    The channels will disappear from the left side menu in user's screen. It will still be present in Chat History, Star Messages and Mentions tab, but on clicking it the chat will not be displayed. 



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