How to enable Two Factor Authentication?

How to enable Two Factor Authentication?

Two-factor Authentication:

Two-factor Authentication is the most practical way to strengthen authentication which provides an additional level of security or a second factor besides the basic username and password.
Enabling Two-factor for your organization in Cliq, will allow users to make use of an extra mode of authentication while signing-in, thus strengthening security to access their Cliq account.
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To set up two factor authentication for your users, follow the steps below: 

  • Click on your Profile Picture in Cliq and select Admin Panel.
  • In the screen that follows, under Organization menu in left sidebar select Zoho Directory. You will be redirected to Zoho's Directory page.
  • Under Security Policies, select the policy you want to configure two factor for and go to Two Factor Authentication tab. 
  • Here enable the two factor and select your authentication modes.  

Authentication modes:

  1. SMS: The verification codes will be sent to your mobile.
  2. Time-based OTP: A time based, one time password will be generated in OneAuth application on your configured smartphone.
  3. Touch ID: OneAuth to verify your fingerprint every time you sign in. 
  4. Push Notification: Notifications are sent to your mobile device each time you login. You can approve or reject the login request.
  5. Smartphone: This is a mobile application synced to your account which lets you generate codes to authenticate your sign-in.
  6. QR Code: Scan a QR code visible on your browser via OneAuth mobile application.

Once you enable Two-factor Authentication, the users who sign-in will be showed a screen which will will display the modes that you have chosen. The user can configure any one mode from the given list. 


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