How to set Password Policy?

How to set Password Policy?

Password Policy allows you to set password configuration for your organization members to secure their account. To set it up, follow the steps below: 

  • Click on your Profile Picture in Cliq and select Admin Panel. 
  • Under Permissions -> Roles, enable Password Policy.
  • Configure the policy and set the required level of password combination for your users and hit the Save button.


Depending on your selection, the system will automatically set up the policy. You can also make edits and setup your own policy under Custom.

  • Password expiry period: The period after which the user's password will expire and will have to create a new one to continue access to an organization in Cliq. The admin has the option to enable this functionality for a minimum period of 30 days to a maximum period of 120 days. 

  • Refusal of previously used Password: This feature ensures that the user does not use the same password as the new one. You can select how many previous passwords to restrict ranging from 1 to 10.

  • Mixed password: This feature enforces the user to have both upper case and lower case in the password. This feature can be turned off according to your requirement.

  • Minimum length of a password: Defines the minimum length of a password a user needs to have in order to gain access. The admin has the option of imposing a password of minimum length of 8 characters to a maximum of 15 characters.

  • Minimum special characters: Defines the minimum number of special characters one needs to have in their password. The range for the admin to choose is from 1 to 10 characters. 

  • Minimum numeric digits: Defines the minimum number of numeric digits a user needs to have in their password. The range for the admin to choose is from 1 to 10 digits. 




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