Combined Search

Combined Search

You can combine the filters and search to narrow down results. A quick list of the filters available: 

  • from: To search for chats from a specific user
  • to: To search for chats to a specific user
  • in: To search in a specific chat 
  • before: To search before a particular date
  • after: To search after a particular date
  • on: To search on a particular date
  • hasfile: To search for files
  • haslink: To search for links

A few examples to combine the filters:

  1. from: username in: channel hasfile: name 
    from: Scott Fisher in: #development@Zylker haslink: devs tricks
  2. in: chat before: date to: username
    in: #monthly-reviewbefore:04/03/2018 from:Ryan West hasfile: stat.png

​#1. The following image searches the word 'android' said by Martha Hills in the channel #Mobile-Content



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