Search filters to look for specific results

Search filters to look for specific results

The Search Bar has easy filters that you can use to look for results in specific categories. The default filter is All and clicking on the dropdown will display all the filters. 

1. All 

The filter All is a global search, i.e. searching here will bring results from every data in your Cliq organization — users, joined channels, bots, user profile (designation, phone number,...), channels that can be joined, group chats, and departments.

2. Users

This filter is to look exclusively for users. You can type in the user's name directly or any data that is part of the user profile (phone number, designation, email id, ...). 

Hint: The In/Out in the user's profile is the check-in/check-out status respectively, fetched from Zoho People if your organization uses Zoho People. 

3. Channels

This filter is to look for channels. When you type a search term, the channel names that match with the term will be displayed. Channels you have already joined will show up first followed by channels that you can join! 
Do note that this search will only display the channels that you have permission to join - organization and your team channels. Locked channels, personal channels and external channels that you are not part of will not be visible in the results. 

4. Chats

This filter is to look for group chats and 1-1 chats. All group chat titles and 1-1 chat titles (user name) that match with your search term will be displayed in the results. 

5. Bots

This filter is to quickly look for bots. The bots you have already subscribed to and the new bots that you can subscribe will be displayed in the results. 


This filter is to look for departments in your Cliq organization and to find members of that department. From the results, you can select a department and look at the members' list. You can directly start a conversation with any member or make a call! 

The departments data will be fetched from the Departments menu in Cliq's admin panel. If your organization uses Zoho People, then the departments data will be synced from People. 

7. Messages

This filter will search across all the messages for the term that you enter and pull up results for you. If you want to find an exact match, then enclose your search term within double-quotes - "search term". 
You can also use the search modifiers in this category. More details on modifiers is discussed in the next help page. 



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