What is Timed Status?

“Lunch Break” and “Short Break” are categorized as timed status. When timed statuses are updated the Check-In clock is paused and a timer is initiated, lunch break is clocked for 60 minutes and Short break is clocked for 15 minutes. After the specified time interval the Check-In clock continues clocking your working hours.

Types of Timed Status

  1. “Lunch Break” for 60 mins
  2. “Short Break” for 15 mins
  • “Lunch Break” for 60 mins

This status is meant to be set during your lunch breaks, it acknowledges that you have taken a 60-minute break for your lunch. Please do note that when the “lunch break” status is set the check-in timer pauses and resumes to clock after the 60-minute break.

  • "Short Break” for 15 mins

The short break is a 15 minutes break, acknowledging your absence to your team. Similar to lunch break the check-in timer pauses and resumes to the clock after the 15-minute break.

Will Timed Status be deducted from the total working hours?

Yes, the time taken for lunch and short breaks will be deducted from the total working hours while being updated in your attendance.