How to set a status on Remote Work?

  1. Navigate to Remote Work tab present on the top left corner in Cliq's home page.
  2. At the very top, you can see "Set your status" bar.
  3. Select a status from the available option on the status bar to update your status.

How is the status in Remote Work different from those available in Cliq?

Status in Remote Work is more focused on your current availability at work, unlike the usual statuses available in your Cliq application. Remote Work has two types of statuses, general and timed statuses dedicated for specific purposes.


Say you're updating both Cliq status and your Remote Work status, in such cases the latest status amongst both will be reflected as your current status.

If you do not update any status using Remote Work the status that you have set in your Cliq account will be your default status. When you Check Out from Remote Work the Remote Status that you had updated will be removed.