What is completing a reminder?

What is completing a reminder? 

Once you are done with a reminder, you can mark it as Complete.

  • To mark a reminder as complete, in the reminder panel just check the radio button of that reminder. 
  • You can also click on a reminder and select the option 'Mark as Complete' from the mini pop-up that appears. 

Click on a reminder and mark it as complete or check its box to complete it.

When assigned to multiple users, each user's reminder status will be displayed under their profile picture in the pop-up box.
You can view the status of the reminder by clicking on it.

To view all your completed reminders, click the Show completed option at the bottom of reminder panel. If you click it under Mine, then all the reminders you have completed will be displayed, and if you click under Assigned to others the reminders that you had assigned to others that's been completed will be displayed. 

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