Smart detection of time for scheduling Reminders

Smart detection of time for scheduling Reminders

As you converse, Cliq can detect dates and time format and help you set up reminders around it. 


  1. Cliq detects future and upcoming dates in your chat conversation. The message should contain date, month and year for Cliq to detect it. Past dates will not be detected. 
    Example: The last town hall meeting took place on 12th May and the next one is scheduled for 16th of July 2018 
  2. Cliq detects the date format MM/DD/YYYY. 
    Example: The official meeting with the partners will take place on 05/03/2019
    Here the preference is for MM/DD/YYYY followed by DD/MM/YYYY.

Dates and Time

  1. In the above 2 cases, i.e. when only dates are mentioned in the chat, Cliq will take default time as 10.00 AM. The default time is configurable. 
  2. If the sentence has date and time, then Cliq will detect both and allowing you to set reminders easy and quick.
    Example: The 'Discover More' campaign targetting our new users is scheduled to go live at 6pm 3rd Dec, 2018

Scheduling reminders on detected time 

  • Detected time will be highlighted with a underline in your chat window. Just click on it and select Set Reminder. 
  • A small popup will open where you can setup a reminder for that message. 
  • The reminder and its time will be autofilled from the message. 
  • You can choose to set the reminder for yourself or assign it to others. 
  • If assigned, then the assignees will get a taz notification about the new reminder. 


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