What is co-hosting?

What is co-hosting?

The handshake mode in PrimeTime is unique as it allows only 2 users to speak at a time—the host and co-host, eliminating the hassle of multiple speakers and drowned conversations. The role of co-host can be switched between all participants of the session, by approval of the host.  

Let's take a look at how a handshake session is conducted in the Zylker Sales conversation, to understand how co-hosting works!

  1. The handshake primetime session Sales Talk is now live and Ryan is the host of this session. 
  2. The below image is the session as viewed by the participant Olivia. 
    The session name, duration and number of viewers can be seen at the top left side of the screen, and the host name will be visible at the bottom left corner with a crown symbol. 
    Now Olivia clicks on the Request to speak button.

  3.  Then Olivia's screen will show a Waiting for approval state in the button that was clicked.
  4. Ryan will now get the request and approves Olivia to be the co-host.
    The below image is the session when Olivia is live on the screen alongside Ryan.

  5. Now all participants of the session can see both Ryan and Olivia on screen. A few of them raise requests and their profile will have the yellow hand raise icon.
  6. When Olivia's talk comes to a close, Ryan can grant access to another user to take up Olivia's place on screen. 
  7. Also since this session is streamed in a chat, the chat's conversation can be accessed from inside PrimeTime! 





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