How can the users actively participate in PrimeTime session?

How can the users actively participate in a PrimeTime session?

The PrimeTime session is now live in Marketing Analysis group chat. Let us look into it to understand the session more clearly.

  • Ryan- Support Agent is the Host of this PrimeTime session. 
  • For each user, their own Profile Picture/Live Picture will be displayed first followed by other users in the bottom of the screen.
     The user can now see the session and the host will be visible.
  • To speak, the user must make a request.
  • Here, a user named Frida Marquez is clicking the Request to speak button.
    Click on 'Request to speak'
  • ​The request is now sent to Ryan, the Host.
  • Frida will get a small Waiting for approval box in the right side of her screen. If she wants to cancel the request, she can do so by clicking on Cancel button in the approval box.
    Once requested, the user will get a waiting for approval box
  • Frida's Profile/Live Picture will have the Waiting for approval icon -a raised hand and so will the other users who have raised a request.
  • Now Ryan has approved Frida's request and her video is displayed in the screen next to Ryan. 
    Once approved, the user will be live in the screen, next to the host
  • Frida can talk in the session alongside Ryan. All the other users will now see both Ryan and Frida's video on the screen.
  • The following image shows the screen of Paula Rojas - a User, as she sees the video of Ryan and Frida.
    The rest of other users will now see the video of Host and approved user.
  • Now Frida has finished talking and wants to end her live video. So, she clicks on the End call icon to stop her live session.
    The User should click on end call icon to end their live session on screen.
  • Now Frida and the other users will see only Ryan's video till he approves another user's request.




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