How can host accept requests and share screen in handshake session?

How can host accept requests and share screen in handshake session?

The user who starts a handshake primetime session is the host of that session. The host enjoys permissions like accepting/declining hand raise requests and sharing their screen. 

1. Accepting/declining hand raise requests

  • Participants of the session can raise their hand and request to talk in the session. The host should hover on the user and click on either Accept/Decline button. 

  • If there are multiple requests, the host can switch between users. When switching, the new user will replace the current co-host of the session. 
  • The host can hover on the co-host screen and hit the Stop button in the middle to end that user's stream.

2. Share screen

  • Only the host of the session can share their screen for all participants to see. 
  • Click on    to start sharing the screen and select the part of your screen to be shared.

  • Now all participants of the session will view the screen shared, and the host's stream as well. 
    If there is a co-host, then the co-host's stream will also be visible. 
  • To stop sharing the screen, click on  

The host and co-host can also disable their video and audio stream by clicking on     (Turn camera off) and    (Turn mic off).


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