How can users join a PrimeTime session?

How can users join a PrimeTime session?

  • If a primetime session is started in a channel/group chat, then a message will be posted there with the join link alerting all members of the chat. Clicking on the join link will open the session.
  • If the session is started for the organization or a set of teams, then the join message will be posted in Taz bot. The users can click on the join link in Taz bot to open the session.
  • A user can be part of one session at a time. The Handshake mode can hold up to 100 participants, and Assembly mode can hold up to 10,000 listeners.
  • If a session is full and more users try to join, they will receive a message on screen stating the session is full. They will be able to join if an existing participant leaves the session. 



  1. PrimeTime is supported only in Chrome and Firefox browsers. So please access PrimeTime via updated versions of Chrome and Firefox.
  2. If you are not able to find  icon in certain channels, then check under channel Permissions if your role has access to start a primetime session.
  3. If you are unable to find PrimeTime icon anywhere in Cliq, then your organization admin would have disabled PrimeTime for the entire company in admin panel. 



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