How do I start a PrimeTime session?

How do I start a PrimeTime session?

Primetime is made up of 2 modes in Cliq—Handshake and Assembly, and there are 2 methods to start any of the PrimeTime session, 

1. Quick Plus 

  1. Click on    next to Search Bar, and select   Start PrimeTime.
  2. Choose the mode of Primetime - Handshake or Assembly.
  3. Then proceed with selecting where you want to host your session in:
    • Organization - The session will open for the entire organization, and everyone will get a message in Taz bot to join the session. 
      Note: Organization will appear only for org admins.
    • Teams - The session will go live for the selected teams and all members of the selected teams will receive a message in Taz Bot to join the session. The team option will be visible only if you are part of a team. 
    • Chat - One chat can be selected and the join session message will be posted in that chat for members to join.

  4. After selecting where to stream, give a topic for your session and click on Next button.
  5. In the next tab choose your microphone and camera preferences. 
    Note: The microphone and camera details will be accessed from your browser.
  6. Once done, click on the Start Session button to launch your session.

​2. Via group chat and channel

  1. Open the group chat or channel in which you want to host the session. 
  2. Click on  in the chat header and select a mode - Handshake or Assembly. 
  3. Then follow with the steps 4-6 mentioned in the above heading.



  • Assembly mode is accessible only under Paid plan.
  • In a channel, PrimeTime can be started only if PrimeTime Permission is enabled for your role.


Admin Note:

If your Organization is under Paid plan of Cliq but PrimeTime is not accessible, then kindly check if PrimeTime is enabled under 'Live Media' of Modules in Admin Panel.



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