Widget Map Ticker

What are Tickers?

Tickers are pointers for the map view. Using tickers, you can track and monitor the movement or location of objects or individuals on a map in real-time. They can be updated instantaneously via REST API, which will be transmitted to users who are actively viewing the map. Live update works on a subscription model where users are updated for 10 minutes counting from the time they open the map view tab.

Note: Ticker updates should be stored by the developer to send the updated data in widget response.

Ticker object

The list of attributes which can be passed for this object is shown below:

AttributesData TypeDescription
title*string (max char - 20)The ticker's title

Allowed values: 

person | bicycle | motorcycle | car
van | bus | plane | office | home

Denotes what kind of object the ticker is tracking
last_modified_time*longDenotes the last instance when the ticker was updated
infostring (max char - 30)Used to add specific information about the ticker

Ticker's latitude

longitude*doubleTicker's longitude


Sample code:

Let's say you want place tickers for different branches of your business on the map. The ticker code sample will look something like this:

      "id": "zoho_offices_map",
      "title": "Branches",
      "tickers": {
         "chennai": {
            "title": "Chennai",
            "type": "person",
            "last_modified_time": 1674549259421,
            "latitude": 12.8310776,
            "longitude": 80.0493569,
            "info": "Zoho corporation - Chennai"


Check the REST API page to know how to add/update/delete tickers.