Cliq Platform Tutorial Videos

Cliq Platform Video Tutorials

Learn how to create commands, bots, message actions, and functions!

Slash Commands

Slash Commands
1:34 execution handler

Command Execution Handler

Slash Commands are user-defined shortcuts to perform specific actions! Learn how to create a simple slash command and execute it in this video.

Refer our command execution handler page to learn more.

1:33 suggestion handler

Command Suggestion Handler

Slash Command suggestions are options provided to the user to choose from, before executing the command. Take a look at how to configure the command suggestion handler in this video.

Refer our command suggestion handler page to learn more.



1:20 welcome handler

Bot Welcome Handler

This video focuses on how to create a bot and configure the bot welcome handler to send a message to the user once they subscribe to the bot.

Refer our bot welcome handler page to learn more.

1:21 message handler

Bot Message Handler

Learn how to use the bot message handler to recognize select user inputs and configure responses for them!

Refer our bot message handler page to learn more. 

1:50 mention handler

Bot Mention Handler

The bot mention handler is the perfect way to involve your bot in a conversation and get it done! Learn how to configure the mention handler in this video.

Refer our bot mention handler page to learn more. 

1:59 context handler

Bot Context Handler

Build conversational bots with a series of questions and user inputs using the bot context handler. Learn how to configure this handler in this video.

Refer our bot context handler page to learn more. 

1:20 incoming webhook handler

Bot Incoming Webhook Handler

Learn how to configure the bot webhook handler and connect your bot to other applications. Go on and make your bot a unified notifications center!

Refer our bot incoming webhook handler page to learn more.

1:49 menu handler

Bot Menu Handler

This video is all about how to create custom menu actions for your bot.

Refer our bot menu handler page to learn more. 


Message Actions

Message Actions
1:31 action handler

Custom Message Actions

Learn how to create custom message actions. This video gives an example of how to upload your file to Google Drive via the custom GDrive message action.

Refer our message actions handler page to learn more. 


Message Cards and Functions

Message Cards and Functions
1:31 cards and functions

Message Cards and Functions

Customise your messages with buttons using Cliq's message card templates! Take a look at how functions handler is configured and linked to buttons in the message cards.

Refer our functions execution page to learn more.