Form Change Handler

Form Change Handler

The change handler is triggered for an update made in any form field containing the boolean trigger_on_change as true. The change handler can be used to either add or remove fields in the form depending on the input made for a certain field. 

A list of attributes is passed when a function is triggered. They are listed in the table below

Attribute NameData TypeDescription
usermapDetails of the user who has triggered the function.
chatmapChat details in which the function is triggered.
formmapDetails of the form object and the input values.
targetmapDetails of the field and the selected input that triggered the change 

Form Modification Object Syntax

  "type": "form_modification",
  "action": [

Action Object Syntax

  "type": "remove | clear | update | add_before | add_after | enable | disable",
  "name" : reference_label_name
  "input" : $input_element	//applicable for add-before, add-after, update

Sample command code for the type remove|clear|update|add_before|add_after|enable|disable

inputs = list();
inputs.add({"type":"select","trigger_on_change":true,"name":"field","label":"Modifications","hint":"Pick a option","placeholder":"","mandatory":true,"options":{{"label":"Remove","value":"remove"},{"label":"Clear","value":"clear"},{"label":"Update","value":"update"},{"label":"Add Before","value":"add_before"},{"label":"Add After","value":"add_after"},{"label":"Enable","value":"enable"},{"label":"Disable","value":"disable"},{"label":"Update with Disabled","value":"updatewithdisabled"}},"value":"enable"});
inputs.add({"type":"select","name":"action","label":"Enable/Disable","hint":"Pick a action","placeholder":"","options":{{"label":"Enable","value":"enable"},{"label":"Disable","value":"disable"}},"value":"enable"});
response = {"text":"Hey"};
return {"type":"form","title":"Platform Demo","name":"ID","version":1,"actions":{"submit":{"type":"invoke.function","name":"form"}},"inputs":inputs};


Example: Get tasks assigned to a user in Zoho Projects

Let's consider a slash command /tasks that can pull up the list of assigned tasks to a user.

  1. Once a user executes the command, a form is displayed where they can select the project, task assignee and task status.
  2. code class="language-json">The task assignee form field is dependent on the project form field and will display the users who are a part of the chosen project. 
  3. Once you choose these options, you will get the list of tasks assigned to the user and with the selected status.

/tasks command execution handler code

response = Map();
portal = zoho.projects.getPortals("[ENTER YOUR CONNECTION NAME]");
//info portal;
portalID = portal.get("portals").toMap().get("id");
allProjects = zoho.projects.getProjectDetails("[PORTAL ID]","active","[ENTER YOUR CONNECTION NAME]");
info allProjects;
projectlist = List();
for each  project in allProjects
	projectName = project.get("name");
	id = project.get("id");
	project = {"label":projectName,"value":id};
inputs = List();
inputs.add({"type":"select","name":"project","label":"Project Name","hint":"Choose a project","placeholder":"Pick a project","mandatory":true,"value":"projects","options":projectlist,"trigger_on_change":true});
return {"type":"form","title":"Get tasks","hint":"Get the list of tasks assigned to a user in a project!","name":"tasks","version":1,"button_label":"Get Tasks","action":{"type":"invoke.function","name":"projecttasks"},"inputs":inputs};

project tasks form function change handler

actions = list();
response = Map();
	project_id = form.get("values").get("project").get("value");
	getUsers = invokeurl
		url :"{Portal ID}/projects/" + project_id + "/users/"
		type :GET
	info getUsers;
users = getUsers.get("users");
info users;
userList = List();
for each  user in users
	userName = user.get("name");
	userId = user.get("id");
	user = {"label":userName,"value":userId};
	info userList;
	actions.add({"type":"add_after","name":"project","input":{"type":"select","name":"taskstatus","label":"Task Status","hint":"Choose a task status","placeholder":"Choose a task status","mandatory":true,"value":"","options":{{"label":"Completed","value":"completed"},{"label":"Yet to Start","value":"notcompleted"},{"label":"All Tasks","value":"all"}}}});
	actions.add({"type":"add_after","name":"project","input":{"type":"select","name":"taskassignee","label":"Task Owner","hint":"Choose a task owner","placeholder":"Choose a task owner","mandatory":true,"value":"","options":userList}});
return {"type":"form_modification","actions":actions};

project tasks function form submit handler code

response = Map();
projectID = form.get("values").get("project").get("value");
assignee = form.get("values").get("taskassignee").get("value");
status = form.get("values").get("taskstatus").get("value");
assignee_name = form.get("values").get("taskassignee").get("label");
taskParams = Map();
getTasks = invokeurl
	url :"{Portal ID}/projects/" + projectID + "/tasks/"
	type :GET
info getTasks;
taskInfo = getTasks.toMap().get("tasks");
info taskInfo;
rows = List();
for each  task in taskInfo
	row = Map();
	row.put("Task ID",task.get("key"));
response = {"text":"Hey " + user.get("first_name") + " !  List of tasks assigned to " + assignee_name,"card":{"theme":"modern-inline","title":"Task List"},"slides":{{"type":"table","title":"","data":{"headers":{"Task ID","Task","Description"},"rows":rows}}}};
return response;


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