• How are Commands and Bots different if they can execute the same task?

    Even though Commands and Bots have the same execution end point of triggering a deluge task, they mainly differ in the way they are executed. 

    1.  Command: A command is an interface that can be triggered to execute a task inside a chat window.
    2.  Bot: A bot's primary functionality is to trigger external services to bring the response as a message to you inside the chat window. A bot can also be configured to post a message at a scheduled time and time period. 
  • What are command parameters and how are they different from command suggestions?

    A command is an executable programme triggered to give a response inside the chat window when the user executes by typing a ' / ' followed by the command name. 

    Command Parameters:

    A command parameter is an additional input passed while executing the command with a "hyphen". For example, a /traffic command can have the parameters, -to and -from for the user to specify the to and from locations.

    Command Suggestions:

    Command Suggestions are tips that are shown to the user similar to Google,suggesting search inputs for you.

  • How can I integrate external services with Zoho Cliq?

    You can easily integrate any external service with Zoho Cliq by establishing Connections. To create a connection, go to Settings --> Integrations --> Click "Manage Connections". To create a connection, click Add Connection. You can select from the list of available services or add a custom service and enter the Service Name, Authentication Type, Param Type, Connection Name and Scope. Check our platform guide to learn more about how to create a connection.

Cliq Extensions

  • I am about to release an extension upgrade. Can I change my extension pricing plan from free forever to a paid extension?

    Yes, Cliq allows you to change your pricing plan when you are about to release an extension upgrade. But this will be applicable only for Major version releases. On a side note, you can also convert your extension from a paid app to a free extension while releasing an upgrade. Note: When you change your extension pricing plan from free to paid, the changes will be reflected only to new customers. Existing customers can continue to use your extension.

  • How can users download my extension?

    Published extensions can be downloaded from Zoho Marketplace. Users can visit  Zoho Marketplace and select the extension to be installed.


    Users can download and install your extension through the extension installation link.

  • What is the difference between Major and Minor Versions in Extension Upgrade Release? On what basis should I select the release version?

    Major Release:

    You can select major release when your extension upgrade contains newly added features or major enhancements.

    Minor Release:

    Issues like bug fixes and improvising any existing feature can be categorised as minor release.

Rest API

  • Does Cliq use a token based authentication to authenticate all requests?

    Zoho Cliq API is organized around REST, and follows HTTP rules. Cliq REST APIs are authenticated with an OAuth token. Register as a new client in Zoho's Developer Console . Click on "Add client ID" and give the required details to register and obtain an OAuth token provided exclusively for your application. The OAuthentication flow is explained in the Rest API document.

    API tokens are also provided while creating an application with the integration components. These tokens should be used as a request parameter with the appropriate key for all API Endpoints.

  • What are the scopes available for messaging?

    • Operations on a channel can be done with the scope "Channels".
    • Operations on a bot can be done with the scope "Bots".
    • Operations on a chat can be done with the scope "Chats".
    • Operations on a user's chat can be done with the scope "Buddies"
  • Where can I find the API Endpoints for Channels and Bots?

    To obtain the API Endpoint of a channel :

    Hover over a Channel Name in the left side bar to view the Channel Preview. Select the "More Info" option and click "Connectors". The API Endpoint URL will be displayed under the Connectors heading.

    To obtain the API Endpoint of a bot:

    Go to Settings --> Integrations --> Bots --> Click on the bot name. The API End point of the bot is displayed in the bot preview page.