Cliq Responses

Responses are programmed outputs that are displayed to the user upon interacting with an internal component (Commands, Bots, Message Actions, Button Functions) . These responses can be of different types,

1. Messages (card+buttons)
2. Banner
3. Form
4. Bot Suggestions
5. Bot Context
6. Message Edit

Given below is a table comprising the consolidated responses that can be returned from each of the internal component handler.

HandlersMessage and buttonBot ContextBannerFormBot SuggestionMessage Edit
Command execution handler


Message action handler


Bot welcome handler



Bot message handler

Bot mention handler



Bot incoming webhook handler



Bot menu handler

Bot context handler

Scheduler handler


Function button handler



Function form submit handler



Message and Button

  • Each message in a conversation is considered as a message object. These messages can be sent as a text, card or a table. 
  • Similarly a button function is triggered when an action is performed on a button.

Message Edit

Message edit allows the user to modify a message and are shown as a response to the user when an internal component is triggered on the Cliq platform.

Note: The messages sent via specific extensions can only be modified by the same extension (ie) you cannot modify messages sent over by another extension.

Platform Banner

Banner messages are responses that are displayed to the user on top of the chat window or screen when an internal component is triggered on the Cliq platform.


  • Forms in Cliq are used to collect numerous responses or inputs from a user in one go. It's an alternative to the conversational input for a more structured data.
  • Forms in Cliq are invoked for the following actions:
  1. Executing a command
  2. Mentioning a bot
  3. Calling a bot's menu action
  4. Clicking on a button
  5. Performing an action on a message sent in a channel or a chat.

Bot Suggestions

Bot suggestions are displayed as options, and on a click from the user, the button option text is returned as a response. It can be triggered by using the suggestions object in the bot message handler. These suggestions are prompted when a user enters a message corresponding to the text defined in your handler code.

Bot Context

Context handler can be used by the bot creator to engage the bot in a conversation and is triggered as a response to the user input/message.