User Object

User object in Cliq is of the  map data type and contains the user's profile information. The user object carries the following arguments to it

idUser ID (unique string identifier)
first_nameUser's first name
last_nameUser's last name
emailUser's email address
adminBoolean. Define's if the user is an admin in Cliq.
organization_idUnique ID of the user's organization in Cliq
timezoneRelative time-zone to which a user belongs.
countryGeographical location of the user
languageDefault language of the user

Below is a sample user object 

  "country": "us",
  "timezone": "Asia/calcutta",
  "last_name": "Fisher",
  "first_name": "Scott",
  "language": "en",
  "id": "123456",
  "email": ""
  "admin" : true //boolean
  "organization_id" : "123456456"

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