Chat Object

This object represents the information of a chat. Each chat object comes with the following properties:

ownerIndicates the user id of the user who initiated a chat.
idChat ID, to help identify the "type" of chat. (depends on "type")
chat_typeThe type of chat. (dm/ channel/ thread/ bot)
titleThe title of the chat.
parent_resource (in case of thread)Information about the channel in which the thread is present.
membersJSON array of users who are members of the chat. 

The members object contains the following properties:​

idUser ID (unique string identifier)
first_nameUser's first name
last_nameUser's last name
emailEmail address of the user
statusUser's status, depends on their availability 

A sample chat object is shown below:

   "owner": "15204570",
   "members": [
   "parent_resource": {
		"channel_unique_name": "privatechannel",
		"channel_id": "P1000000022001"
		"id": "CT_1259543746479073445_15204723",
		"type": "channel",
		"title": "#Private Channel"
   "id": "CT_1259543746479073445_15204723-T-1256254397782653074",
   "type": "thread",
   "title": "Navaneethakrishnan.SM's thread"

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