Banner Message

Banner messages are responses that are displayed to the user on top of the chat window/screen. A banner can be shown as a response for the following actions:

  1.  Executing a command
  2.  Performing an action on a message (Message Action)
  3.  Calling a Bot's menu handler
  4.  Mentioning a Bot
  5.  Sending a message to a Bot
  6.  Invoking a function button handler
  7.  Executing a form submit handler


The list of attributes required to display a banner message are given below. The mandatory fields are indicated with a *

Attribute NameData TypeDescription
type*StringAn identifier to invoke a banner as a response.
Allowed values:
Accepted values that can be passed for the "status" key
1. success
2. failure
StringBanner category.
Allowed values:
status=success, denotes a banner with a green outline and status=failure, denotes a banner with a red outline.
text*String  Indicates the message passed in a banner.


Syntax for a banner message


//To show a success message as a banner
  "text":"text to be shown in a banner"
//To show an error message as a banner
  "text":"text to be shown in a banner"

Let's take a simple example of showing a banner message to the user when an internal component is triggered on the Cliq platform.

Sample command execution handler code 

banner = {"text":"Execution successful!","status":"success","type":"banner"};
return banner;


Sample Response


Example for a banner message

Let us assume that your team has planned to meet for a product discussion. But before you decide on the meeting venue and other things, it is important to take the number of head counts. For this, create a simple /poll command that will record the responses from the user and store it in a database. When the user clicks on a button for example (Available/Not Available) a banner message is displayed to the user.