Access Cliq from other Zoho Apps

Access Cliq from Zoho Apps

All Zoho Applications have the option of creating a custom function or custom action, thereby automating a partiuclar workflow! A custom function lets you stay updated of module specific data. Be it Zoho CRM or Zoho Desk, you can always create a custom function to get instant updates in a Cliq Channel or through a Bot! 

This table gives a brief overview of the different Zoho products that can be connected with Cliq easily and also the deluge tasks that can be used to make it accessible. 


Application NameDeluge Task

Let us consider a few user scenarios to help you get started with building your own custom function and connect to Cliq from any of these products. Connecting other products to Cliq can be easily achieved with simple one line deluge tasks: 

  • zoho.cliq.postToChannelAsAdmin("<channel_unique_name>", message);
  • zoho.cliq.postToBotAsAdmin("<bot_unique_name>", message);
  • zoho.cliq.postToChatAsAdmin("user_ids", message);
  • zoho.cliq.postToUser("user_id", message);

Access Cliq from Zoho CRM

Zylker Travels use Cliq for their workplace communication, to discuss about the upcoming deals they have ready, the campaigns they have planned and a lot more! Delegating tasks, setting reminders, deadlines, new campaign discussions everything happens in Cliq. They also understand that sustenance and stability of an Organization depends entirely on the relationship maintained with a customer. Therefore, the decision to use Zoho CRM to follow up with leads, convert them into contacts to close deals, comes as no surprise. 

Creating a custom function to connect with Cliq makes sure Zylker Travels stay on top of updates in CRM. A workflow rule configured for the 'Calls' module, will be triggered to perform a custom action exactly 15 minutes before a scheduled call. The custom function associated with this workflow is executed to post a message in a Cliq Channel. The steps to set up this workflow along with the sample syntax are given below.

  1. Set up a workflow for the Calls module and giving a rule name and description. Configure the workflow condition and choose 'Function' under the Instant Actions section.
  2. Select the Write your own option in the pop up window and start writing your function code!
  3. Add the arguments required by clicking the 'Edit Arguments' option on top of the deluge editor. For this scenario we've defined arguments to be used in the deluge script.

The sample syntax for this custom action is shown below:

message = Map();
message = {"text":"Hi there, " + callowner + " .You have a call with " + first_name + last_name + " in 15 minutes!","bot":{"name":"CRM Bot","image":""},"slides":{{"type":"label","title":"Call Details","data":{{"Email":leademail},{"Company":lead_company},{"Scheduled At":calltime},{"Call Purpose":callpurpose},{"Subject":subject},{"Description":description}}}}};
post_To_Bot = zoho.cliq.postToBot("zohocrmh",message);

Access Cliq from Zoho Desk

Zylker Travels also use Zoho Desk as their helpdesk software, to answer customer queries and provide solutions. A custom function to notify the #desk channel in Cliq when a new ticket has been created and assigned would prove to be easy for everyone in the team to keep note of the tickets flowing in and also the agents who're assigned to each ticket. Take a look at the following steps to configure this workflow.  

1. Set up a workflow in your Zoho Desk Account by choosing the module, giving the workflow rule name, configuring the trigger and selecting the criteria. In this example, we've set a workflow rule to get executed when a new ticket is created and assigned to the agent Ryan West. 

Note: Refer this help page on Automation and Workflows to get started.

For this scenario we've set up a simple workflow rule and associated a custom function with it. Refer the screenshots to know the criteria and rule set. 

2. The custom action to be performed when this workflow rule is executed should be associated with the workflow. 

Note: Take a look at the help page on how to set up a custom function in Zoho Desk. 

For this scenario, we have defined four arguments to be used in the deluge script. Click on the 'Edit Arguments' option on the deluge editor and add the arguments. The sample syntax for the custom function is given below. 

message = Map();
message = {"text":"There's a ticket assigned to *" + tktowner + "*","bot":{"name":"Desk Notifier","image":""},"card":{"title":"Ticket Alert!","theme":"modern-inline"},"slides":{{"type":"label","title":"Details","data":{{"Ticket Number":"[" + tktno + "](" + tktid + ")"},{"Ticket Status":tktstatus}}}}};
notifyCliq = zoho.cliq.postToChannelAsAdmin("desk",message);

Finally when a ticket gets created and assigned to the concerned agent, the rule gets executed and a message is posted in the desk channel! Take a look at the screenshot below. 




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