What are Roles?

What are Roles?

You can setup roles for a group of users and configure Channels and Extension Components access for them. 


  1. Managers - This role consists of all leadership staffs and you can configure Create and Delete channel permissions exclusive to them. 
    To do so, enable the Create and Delete channel permissions in Manager Role and disable the same permissions in all other roles. 
  2. Extension Devs - This role consists of select few people who are in-charge of managing other application integrations with your Cliq account.
    So the permissions to access Extension Components will be disabled to all other roles and enabled only for this role. 

The above 2 are basic examples on how you can make use of Roles. As per your need, you can create different roles and enable feature access to select group of users easily. 

Default Roles: 

Your Admin Panel will have 2 default roles - Admin and Members. 

Admin - This role comprises exclusively of Cliq admins.
Members - This role comprises of all users of the organization excluding Admins. 

When a new role is created and users assigned to it, they will be moved from Admins or Members to the new role that you have assigned. And if that role is deleted then the user will be back under Members role. 


Admin Notes:

1. Roles follow Policies, and so Policies take precedence in implementation.
Example: If a policy say 'Create External Channels' is disabled, then that will be implemented in Cliq even if creating external channels is enabled under all the Roles. 

2. Default roles (admin and members) are available in free version of Cliq. Creating more custom roles is available only in Paid version of Cliq.



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