How can I restrict users to access Cliq via Web Browser/Andriod Devices/Desktop App/IOS Devices

The admin of an organization can restrict users from accessing Cliq via

  • Web Browser
  • Android Devices
  • Cliq Desktop App
  • IOS Devices

 by simply applying role-based access controls.

To restrict access follow the below steps:
  • Navigate to the Cliq admin panel (Click on your Cliq profile picture to expand the user panel --> click on admin panel under the My Organization section.)
  • Click on Roles listed in the Permission section.
  • You'll find a list of all the custom user roles created for your organization. In case you haven't created a role, the Admin and Members role will be listed by default.
  • Hover over the Members role/custom user role created for your organization, you'll be able to see the permissions button, click on it.
  • In the permission settings, scroll down to Cliq Access.
  • Unselect the access mode you'd like to apply restriction on and click save