Migrate from Hipchat

Migrate from Hipchat

Let your team communicate in Cliq right from where they left off in Hipchat! This migration wizard will help import all your data from Hipchat—rooms, messages and users without loss of chat history or context. 

Table of contents

Exporting from Hipchat 

  1. Log in at yourdomain.hipchat.com/admin/
    Hint: Export can be done only by the Group Administrator
  2. Under Data Export tab, select the data to be exported
  3. Give a phassphrase to encrypt your data (this passphrase is required again when you import your file in Cliq) 
  4. Click Export, and once it's done, the export will be available in admin console and an email will be rolled out to you with the exported file.

A few more notes for your export:
- By default the export includes users, rooms, and room history
- You can choose to export files and 1-1 chat history
- The export excludes integrations, passwords, API tokens, users auto-join information, and server settings 

Importing to Cliq 

In your Cliq application, click on your profile picture in top right corner and select Migrate your Data. A new tab will open, wherein you have to select Hipchat to start the migration process. 

The following are steps to migrate your data successfully to Cliq.

  1. The first screen in Hipchat migration takes you through the export process in Hipchat. Confirm by clicking on button Export done to proceed.
  2. Next is the part where you give us your Hipchat file and password. Paste the URL of the export file copied from your Hipchat admin, enter the password and start download.
    (Tip: If you had forgotten the password, just export again by setting a new password in Hipchat admin page) 
  3. The file will be downloaded following which you can start the import. Based on your file size, it might take a while.
  4. Once downloaded, click on Start Import button in migration screen. 
  5. Rooms in Hipchat will be imported as Channels in Cliq. So pick the rooms that you want to bring over to Cliq, and then you can either choose to bring them all in as Organization Channels (public within your Cliq company), or as Team Channels (visible only to the chosen team's members). 
  6. You can also choose to import 1-1 chat history of your users, to help them not to miss their previous chat conversations. 
  7. The migration will be in progress and once done a success message will be displayed on screen along with the number of Users, Rooms and Messages imported. An email will be rolled out to you stating the same. 
  8. The imported users will receive an email inviting them to Cliq. On clicking the CTA button in that mail they will be navigated to your Cliq organization.  

Common failures 

  • The most common failure in downloading your export data is due to wrong URL and password. Try again with the right URL and password, or else start an export in Hipchat with a new password.
  • If the users in your Hipchat account are already a part of Cliq, then they won't be imported into your Cliq organization. 
  • If the download package URL exceeds the maximum size of 2GB, the download process will show an error. 

    For further help on the above mentioned failures, please contact our support at support@zohocliq.com for assistance.



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