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Zoho Desk

The context aware Helpdesk, now in Cliq

Zoho Desk is a web based help desk software that gives you the ability to manage your customer support activities efficiently. You can assign, track and set up alerts for your customer tickets. You can also create departments and assign Agents (your organization users) for specific departments.
Cliq is a team communication software and it aims to establish a one stop place wherein you can collaborate all your work. In line with this, Cliq offers Zoho Desk Extension through which you can get notified of all tickets from Zoho Desk right within your chat window.

Zoho Desk in Cliq

Zoho Desk Integration consists of /ticket (Command), Deskbot (Bot) and #desk (Channel).

/ticket Command:
  • Type /ticket and give Enter in any chat to get the list of tickets that have been assigned to you. 
    The result will display the Ticket id,Subject, Customer Nameand Status
    Note that if you have many tickets assigned to you, the latest 3 tickets will be displayed in the result.
  • You can further narrow down your query by entering #ticketid or customer email.
    Example: /ticket #109, /ticket paul@example.com
  • The result will be displayed only to you, and you can post it in the chat by clicking on 'Post here'.
  • Clicking on ticket id will take you to the particular ticket in Desk page.  

Thus you can now access your latest ticket details in any chat at any time by using /ticket command.

  • You should subscribe to Deskbot to receive notifications.
  • To subscribe, click on (+) of Bots in LHS, under all Bots go to Deskbot and subscribe to it.
    Deskbot will notify you of reminders, status updates and comments for your tickets.

 Now stay in sync with all your tickets from within Cliq by subscribing to Deskbot!

#desk - Organization Channel:
  • You should join desk channel to get notifications. 
  • To join, click on (+) of Channels in LHS, then in the search bar type desk and click Join. 
    Every day the channel will post 'Ticket Pending Resolution' at morning 10am and 'Ticket Resolution Summary for the Day' at evening 7pm. 

Be up-to-date of all ticket statuses everyday by joining #desk channel! 


#1. In LHS click on the + of Channels to join desk channel and click on the + of Bots to subscribe to Deskbot.
In left hand side click on + of Channels and Bots to join and subscribe respectively.

#2. Under All Bots, look for Deskbot and click Subscribe.Subscribe to Bots

#3. Under Channels you can join tab, look for #desk channel or just type in search bar and then click Join.
Search for Desk channel and join it to stay updated on tickets

#4. /ticket command displays the list of tickets assigned and Deskbot notifies of new comments added in the assigned tickets.
/ticket command gives you the list of your tickets and Deskbot keeps you notified of new comments and status update in your ticket.

#5. #desk Channel posts Ticket Resolutions (pending & summary). #desk channel gives the daily list of ticket resolution

Installing Zoho Desk Extension:

Click on the button below to go Zoho Cliq Marketplace from where you will be able to install Zoho Desk for your organization. Do note that only org admins can install integrations for the entire organization, and members can install only for their team.

Zoho Desk in Marketplace

Now there are 2 possibilities once you click Install:

  1. A Desk account already exists for your company
  2. Your company does not have a Desk account

1. When your company has Zoho Desk account, then clicking on Install in Marketplace will take you Integrations in your Zoho Desk page and Cliq will be installed in your account.

The default #desk channel will post results of all your org tickets. Apart from this you can configure to receive ticket info with respect to Desk Departments by selecting Cliq Channel and configuring a channel for each department.

In the desk page, after installing Cliq extension, you can configure channels for your desk departments

2. When you do not have a Zoho Desk account, clicking on Install in Marketplace will take you to Desk Sign-Up page. Here you should create an account and login to Desk. Once logged in, click on Gear icon (Setup) in top right corner and scroll down to Integrations. In Integrations, Cliq will be listed under Chat. Select and Install it. 



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