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Zapier is a tool that allows you to establish connection between apps you use, to automate your busiest tasks. The Zapier workflow consists of triggers and actions. i.e. a trigger in one app will kick off an action in another app, thereby establishing a connection to automate your tasks. 

With Zapier Integration in Cliq you can connect the apps your team uses, such that a trigger in those apps will kick off an action in Cliq, the action being posting a message in a chat, channel or bot.
Thus setting up Zaps (a trigger and action), ensures that information, alerts, and stats from all your apps flows freely into Cliq, creating a repository of database where your team can access the required information anytime when needed. 

Table of contents: 

Zapier in Cliq:

To get started you first need a Zapier account. If you don't have one, you can always sign-up and then continue with setting up Zaps for your Cliq organization. We have some pre-built Zaps that you can enable instantly for your team, or you can choose to configure your own Zaps (they are easy and require no coding!).  

Let's take a look at few pre-built Zaps that we have for you.

Zoho Apps





These are just few pre-made Zaps listed out, and if you'd like to find more then click the button below

Pre-made Zaps

Configure your own Zaps 

  1. In your Zapier account, click on Make a Zap! button in the top bar. 
  2. Under Trigger, choose an app, then select an appropriate trigger event and follow the steps. 
    Note: You will be asked to connect the app with Zapier, to get triggers from it. 
  3. Under Action, look for Zoho Cliq (Beta), choose an action and go about setting it up. 
    Hint: You can create multi-step Zaps by clicking on (+) icon between the Trigger and Action, and choosing a new Action or Filter.
  4. If you haven't connected your Cliq account, then provide your account credentials and authorize. 
  5. Once you set up your Zap, you can always test it out and see the results in Cliq before switching it on. 
  6. Proceed to switch on your Zap, following which you will receive notifications in Cliq each time a trigger is made. 

    An example of a Zap connecting Zoho Connect with Cliq, to get updates of new tasks created in Connect. 

More info: 

  • Right now Zoho Cliq in Zapier is only Action based, i.e. for each trigger in another app, an action will be carried out in Cliq. The actions are posting messages to a channel, bot, and chat. 
  • The number of Zaps you can create is based on your Zapier plan. 

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