Password Manager

Password Manager 

Store your team's app credentials under lock and key, share them securely in chat

Password managers are a great way to store your account credentials safely, taking a huge load off your mind, freeing up brain power for doing productive things. By installing Cliq Password Manager for your team, you can store all your account credentials via the Password Manager Bot, and edit, view and share them easily in your chats.

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Password Manager in Cliq

This extension consists of a bot named Password Manager and a slash command /password. On using any component of this extension the very first time (subscribing to bot and using slash command), you will get a consents box requesting permission to access your data. This consents box is to ensure privacy by letting you know how your data will be handled. To know more, check out the related link at the bottom of this page. 

Password Manager Bot

The password manager bot helps to store your account credentials securely, view them when needed, and even share it directly in any chat. To get started, you must subscribe to the password manager bot.

  • Click on the + of Bots in left sidebar.
  • In the popup that opens, look for Password Manager bot, hover on it and hit the Subscribe button.

After subscribing, the first step is to set up a master password. This master password is crucial as it functions like a master key that opens all doors. So set up a master password and very importantly do not divulge it to anyone. 


For security reasons, once the master password is entered the session will last for 15 minutes, after which you will have to enter your master password again to continue.

After setting up a master password, you can make use of any of the bot actions to proceed. 

  1. New credential - This action is to save a new credential with the bot.
    You can save multiple accounts under one domain, i.e. under domain you can save credentials for any number of accounts.
  2. Share - This action is to view the saved credentials and share them if needed in other chats by forwarding it.

    #1. Check if you've got the right one and click Post here, to post the credential in the chat.
    #2. Once it's posted as a message, you can forward it to others and share the credential.
  3. Delete - This action is to remove a credential that you had saved in Password Manager bot.
  4. Update - With this action you can update and modify the account details you have saved. 
  5. Help - As the name suggests, this action assists you with help needed if you are stuck anytime or want to know how this integration works.
    ​Also within this Help action, you will find the option to update and recover your master password.

/password command

Slash commands are shortcuts to get work done quickly and /password does exactly that. You can execute /password in any chat window to view an account's credentials directly on screen and share it in that chat if needed by clicking on Post here. 

Forgot master password

Your master password is crucial to store and view account credentials in Password Manager. If you forget your master password or enter the wrong master password in the prompt, then you will get an Forgot Password option along with Try Again. 

  • On clicking the Forgot Password button, a help tip will be displayed briefing on how to proceed along with Generate OTP button.
  • When you click on Generate OTP, a one time password will be sent to your email id registered with Cliq and simultaneously an input form will appear on screen.
  • In your inbox, open the email received from your admin, and copy the OTP.
    Note: Kindly check your Spam if the OTP mail is not found in inbox.
  • Come back to Password Manager Bot in Cliq, and enter the OTP in the form displayed on screen.


Now that you know how Password Manager extension works in Cliq, install it for your organization to store your team's account credentials and your personal credentials as well—they will be stored securely and only you will be able to access the credentials you've stored.
Note: Only org admins can install an integration for the entire organization, whereas users can install only for their team. Click on the button below to install Password Manager for your team now!

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