FourSquare—local search-and-discovery 

FourSquare— local search-and-discovery 

Foursquare the local search-and-discovery is now available within Cliq! 

Foursquare helps in finding the best places anywhere in the world, and its integration with Cliq means, every happening thing can be accessed right from your chat window!  Read on to know how! 

Table of contents: 

  • Installation 
  • Foursquare in Cliq 


  • Go to Cliq Marketplace --> In the Categories displayed in LHS, select IT and Administration --> Here Foursquare will be listed, click on it.
    Hint: You can also type Foursquare(Cliq) in search bar.
  • The Foursquare Extension page will open. Here, an overview of the extension will be displayed along with Screenshots and Reviews.
  • Click on Install button.

Foursquare in Cliq 

Alright, ready to discover places around you to chill out and unwind with your teammates? Let's get started! 
The Foursquare integration has one bot which will help you look for places in and around you. 

  1. Click on '+' of Bots, search for Foursquare, and subscribe to it. 
  2. Send the bot a Hi or Hello and the bot will get back to you with categories to choose from.   
  3. You can also directly ping the bot with a category to start the search! 

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