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Box is a secure file storage and sharing application that lets your team create, manage and sync files in real time. Cliq—team messaging software integrates with Box to allow your teams to access Box files anytime right from within Cliq and to collaborate on it real-time. 

Box Extension in Cliq 

The Box extension in Cliq has a command /box to share files, and a message action Upload to Box to upload files. When you use Box integration for the first time either through command or message action, you will be asked to authenticate with your Box account, thereby allowing Zoho Cliq to connect with your Box account. 

/box command

The /box command helps to share a Box file directly in Cliq chat window and users can access it by just a slash!

  • Type /box and select the command from the displayed suggestions. This will automatically display files from your account. If you have many files, you can simply enter the file name to narrow down your result.
  • Just select a file or folder and it will be posted in the chat window only for you with 2 buttons - View, Share here along with Post here button in the bottom right corner. 
  • Clicking Share here will post the file in chat. Users in the chat can view, forward and download the files.

  • Clicking View will take you to the file in your Box account (you will be asked to login if your Box account is not signed-in on screen) 
  • If you click on Post here button, the file will be posted in chat window, but others won't be able to access it!  

To sum it up, only if you click Share here button, the file will be posted for others to access. If you do click on Post here button, it will just post the message card meant for you in the chat, thereby others will not be able to view from it!

Upload to Box message action

Want to save files and images that's in your chat to your storage space in Box? This message action is the perfect one to do just that! 

  • Hover over an image or document and click on Message Actions icon --> More --> Upload to Box. 
  • Your file will be uploaded to Box, and a confirmation will be posted in the chat window. 
  •  When trying to upload a file to Box, if the same file name already exists, then it will be conveyed to you in chat window. 


Only org admins can install an integration for the entire organization, whereas users can install only for their team. Connect with your Box account from Cliq by clicking the button below.

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