One click video conferencing right inside Cliq! is a video collaboration tool in which up to 4 users can engage in a simultaneous video discussion (12 users for premium account) and Cliq is a team communication software designed to collaborate everyday tasks and correspondence in any workplace through instant messaging. Cliq users can now access right from within their chat windows by installing the extension from Zoho Marketplace. extension in Cliq

  • Once installed, users can make use of appear command in all their chats for quick live discussions.
    To start a discussion, type /appear followed by a title and hit enter.
    E.g. A video room is created in #user-education channel by entering /appear forumpost
  • The video room link will be created and displayed for the creator alone. Clicking on Post here will post the link in chat for other users to join.


  1. If you had not enabled Mic/Camera, then will request your permission to access the device(s).
  2. If you do not give any title, then the title will be set as 'zohocliq-dd-mmm-yy time'

#1. Scott calls his team for a discussion titled 'forumpost' in #user-education@TeamZylker channel Type the command /appear (title) to create a appear video room.

#2. Users in the video room ForumpostThe video discussion in progress



  1. Just share a youtube link in the video room chat and click 'Watch together'. Doing this will mute the mic of all users and the video will be played for everyone to see.
  2. Share your screen with everyone by clicking on 'Share screen' in the bottom of page. 
  3. The video room will also have the option 'Copy link' wherein you can copy and share it with anyone who wants to join the room.


Only org admins can install an integration for the entire organization, whereas users can install only for their team. Install integration by clicking on the button below, and enjoy video-conference with your colleagues in chats by just a simple slash command! 

Install in my Cliq



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