Conflict in setting up your Organization

Conflict in setting up your Organization

This scenario happens when an admin of your company has already created an Organization in Cliq.
To prevent multiple organizations from being created under the same domain, Cliq follows One Org per Domain model. In this way, only one Org can exist under a company domain.     

Let's see this with an example:  

  • Scott Fisher - one of the admins of Zylker Company has created an Org in Cliq as 'Zylker' with email address having as the domain.
  • Now another admin - Amelia Burrows creates an Org 'Zylker Tech'  having as the domain in another Zoho product (Mail, Creator, etc..)
  • Now since two Orgs have been created under the same domain, Amelia Burrows will be asked to leave Zylker Tech Org and to join Zylker Org which is in Cliq.

Leaving your Organization to join Cliq inorder to have only one Org in a domain



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