How do I create departments in my organization?

How do I create departments in my organization?

Bring in your company's hierarchy even into Cliq—your internal communications app—by creating departments. By default a department will exist with your organization name. If you do not create any departments, then all users will be listed under the default department.

The department details will be accessible to users in Search bar at various instances. 
1. When searching for a user, the department will be listed in the user's profile.
2. One can search for a department and view the members in it. 

The steps to create a department are as follows: 

  • Click on your Profile Picture and select Admin Panel. 
  • Under General menu in left sidebar, click and open Departments. 
  • Click on Create Department button in top bar. 

  • Give a name, choose a parent department, assign a lead, add users and Create it!
    When creating for the very first time, the default organization department will be the only choice for parent department.  


Admin Notes:

  • A user can be part of only one department.
  • Departments menu will not be available in Admin Panel if you are a Zoho People user, as the departments data from Zoho People will sync with your Cliq organiztion by default.



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