How do I setup custom domain in Cliq?

How do I setup custom domain in Cliq?

Custom domains are unique branded names, and you can customize your Cliq organization to reflect your brand's domain name. The custom domain that you set will be reflected in place of in all places, i.e. Cliq homepage, migration tools page, all channel permalinks and the admin panel. 

Admin Note:

Custom Domain configuration is available under Paid plan and in Zoho One suite.

Steps to setup custom domain in Cliq: 

  1. Make sure you have your own custom domain from a domain registrar. 
  2. Log in to your account where you domain's DNS is hosted and locate the option to add CNAME (usually under DNS Records). 
  3. In the Name/ Host/ Alias/ CNAME, add a record (it could be anything such as www, chat, converse, ...) 
    Example: is your domain, and chat is the CNAME such that will be the domain used for Cliq
  4. Once you add a CNAME, map that entry with in the Value/ Points to/ Destination field and save it. 
    This process will usually be done in 3-4 hours, but at times can take upto 48 hours.
  5. After mapping, enter the new domain ( in the Custom Domain field of Admin Panel in Cliq.
    (Click on your Profile Picture -> Admin Panel -> Customization) 

  6. Click on the Check button and check if your domain is mapped to
  7. Upon checking the domain mapping, you can Activate the new domain for all your Cliq organization members. 
  8. Once activated, all your users will be able to access Cliq via the new domain URL on sharing it with them. 
    The old URL will not be automatically redirected till SSL certification is received. More info is given below. 


  • The domain you setup will by default be in http mode.
  • Please get in touch with, where our team of experts will install SSL certification and set your domain in https mode–secure and reliable. This will be done by the Zoho Cliq team at no cost to you. 
  • This process will take 3 business days during which will be your organization's Cliq URL. After receiving SSL certification, the default Cliq URL will be redirected to your new domain URL. 
    (During the time taken to obtain SSL certification, Cliq can be accessed via your domain if the new URL is inputted directly in the browser.)
  • This custom domain is only for Cliq application ( and does not apply to Cliq website pages under the url

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