The different Statuses in Cliq

The different Statuses in Cliq

Cliq shows statuses to know the availability and presence of users. Users can also configure custom status.

To set status, click on your profile picture in top right corner and in the user panel that appears select the status icon and status text from the drop-down boxes or simply type your custom status.

The statuses in Cliq are: Available (web and mobile), Busy (web and mobile), Idle (web and mobile), Offline and Invisible.

Available Available

  • This is the standard status that is displayed when the user is online.
  • The user will receive all notifications.    

Busy Busy

  • If the user has set status as Busy, then by default the desktop notifications will not be displayed. 
  • In mobile apps, the user will get notifications as usual but without the notification tone.   

Idle Idle

  • If the user is not in Cliq page or Chat Bar (in other apps) for 15 minutes or more, then the status will be changed to Idle. 
  • When the user is using Cliq mobile app, the time taken for status to change from Mobile Available to Mobile Idle is 10mins.
  • The user will receive all notifications when in idle.  


  • When the user logs out of web session or mobile app, then the status will be changed to Offline immediately.
  • The messages received when offline will be emailed to the user if user had opted to receive emails under Settings.

Invisible---> Offline

The user can also select Invisible, that will make their presence invisible! The user will receive all notifications as usual. The only difference is that, the status will be displayed as Offline to others.  


Make use of Invisible status when you do no want others to know that you are available.

More about status:

  • The user has not used Cliq page for more than 15mins and so the status is updated as Idle. If the user now visits any other Tab that has Chat Bar (say Zoho Mail, Zoho Connect, etc..) then the status will be changed to Available immediately.
  • When the user closes the tab AvailableIdle (Available & Idle), then after 90 seconds the status will be updated to Offline(Offline).
  • If the user has Cliq mobile app, then closing the web session AvailableIdle ( Available & Idle) will update the status as  Idle(Mobile Idle) after 90 seconds.
  • If a user is not in your Contacts, then their status will not be shown. 
  • One can choose the custom status to be set either at Available or Busy.  
  • The user has an important meeting and thus sets the status to Busy from current custom status. After the meeting is over, the user can go to custom status and enter a new one or select the previous custom status to be set.


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