Who are external users?

Who are external users?

  • Cliq being the communications app, allows collaboration with users who belong to other Cliq organizations. These users are called External Users.
  • Communication with external users is established via chats (1-1 and group), and external channels. 
    To know more on how to get connected with external users please refer the following help pages - External chats and External Channels.  


Admin notes:

  • External users (1-1 and group chats) are accessible under the Free version of Cliq whereas External Channels is available only under Paid version.
  • The organization policy 'Allow chats with users who are not a part of this organization' which allows your org members to chat with external users is disabled by default. You can enable it in Security under Admin Panel. 
    Refer here to learn more about policies - Organization Policy

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