What is a 1-1 chat?

What is a 1-1 chat? 

The individual chats you have with users is the 1-1 chats. You can start a 1-1 chat in 2 ways: 

  1. If the user is your contact, then under Contacts in left sidebar click on the username to open the chat. 
  2. If the user is not your contact, then in the search bar enter the username, select the user from the displayed list and hit Enter. 
    Note: If the user is an external user (not from your organization) then they must be your contact to start a 1-1 chat.

Once you open the chat window, you can start conversing with the user by sending messages, files, making calls etc... 

In the below image, Jacob's chat is opened from Contacts menu and David's chat is opened from search bar as David is not a contact. Type the username in search bar, select the user and press Enter


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