What are @mentions and how can I make use of them?

What are @mentions and how can I make use of them?

The main purpose of @mentions is to tag a user. On doing so, the user will be notified thus not missing out on a message meant specifically for them. 

MentionsPurpose1-1 chatsGroup ChatsChannels
@usernameTo tag/refer a user✔︎✔︎✔︎
@participantsTo tag all users of a chat or channel✔︎✔︎
@availableTo tag users whose status is web/mobile available at the moment✔︎✔︎

The @username mention can also be used in chats to refer a particular user. The user being referred to should not be a part of that chat, else they will receive notifications for it. Also a prompt will be displayed in the chat window asking if you'd like to add the user to that chat. 

Example: In the following image @mentions is used to refer a user in the first chat window and to tag a user in the second chat window. Therefore in the first chat window Paula Rojas will not receive notification, but in the second chat window Scott Fisher will be notified of being mentioned in that chat.

Type @ followed by username, select the user from the suggestions and give Enter


  • On posting a @mention in a chat or channel, i.e. tagging users, a notification will be sent out to all the tagged users along with a green number count in the @mentions tab next to Star icon in the top bar. The @mentions tab will hold the list of your mentions of last 30 days for easy reference. 
  • Mentions that you receive when in offline will be notified with a red count on the @mentions icon when you log-in to Cliq. 
  • An email will be rolled out if the @mentions is not viewed by the user within 15 mins, provided the user had enabled email notifications for @mentions under Settings.
    Click on the @mention icon in top bar of Cliq to access your mentions


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