How to chat with External Users?

How to chat with External Users? 

External users are those who do not belong to your Cliq organization, say vendors, clients, distributors, etc... Communication with external users is established through 1-1 chats, group chats and external channels. This page covers in detail on 1-1 chats and group chats with external users. 

  • Invite external users as your Contacts. Once the user accepts your contact invite, you can start talking with them. 
    • To invite, click on '+' of Contacts, enter the email id, select the email from suggestions and proceed. (to know more about inviting, refer links listed at bottom of page)
  • To start a 1-1 chat just look for the user under your Contacts or in search bar and open their chat window. 
  • You can add external users to any group chats if they are your contact. 
  • You can communicate within the group chat with external users even if they are not your contacts. (i.e. external users not added by you in the group chat) 
  • External users from various Cliq organizations can be added in a group chat.

Organization Policy

The policy to chat with external users will be disabled by default. The organization admin has to enable it in Security under Admin Panel. For more details refer here - Organization Policy


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